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PVC Insulated And Sheathed Un-Armoured Copper Cables

Power cables will be cables, which exchange both high energy and low energy from the source to the supplies. Explicitly intended to best suit dynamic and nonpartisan condition, these cables bear a thick external sheath contrasted with standard Control cables. The outside sheath of the Power cables with its enormous quality and insurance empowers the cables to exchange high volume of energy with no pressure or strain. Not at all like Control cables, Power cables regularly have an extraordinary shading code framework that recognizes the high voltage transporters from their low voltage partners. Control cables offer better obstruction than impedance, which makes them perfect for sending low voltage flags and power cables are prepared to exchange energy to those types of gear which require a greatest of 4160 V for its working.


Specification: BS 6346

Type: NCXXR/FX – 1-Core

For indoor installations, in cable ducts/trays, and underground in industrial plants, sub-stations and power utility distribution schemes with additional protection where mechanical damage may be expected.


For use in Hi-Fi sets, Battery Chargers, Loudspeakers, Car Radios, Alarm Systems, Intercoms, Toys, etc.


  • Copper Conductor
  • PVC – Insulation
  • PVC –Outer Sheath